East Midlands Care Training

Comprehensive Training for 

Care Homes and Domiciliary Care Providers

About Us

We are an approachable care training provider who have hands on practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge to support our training delivery. Each one of our trainers are qualified to deliver our 25 different training courses with additional courses being developed ready for 2020 launch. Each trainer has over 20 years experience in a vast variety of care settings, some have worked at qualified nursing level and all in positions of leadership and management. As well as hands on experience, we have a wealth of academic achievements to underpin our knowledge.

Just another training company?

We don't think so and we are delighted that our current clients don't think so either. We started our venture after experiencing first hand that not all training was to a standard which could meet the needs of those attending. It was frustrating that sometimes those delivering the training were only relaying information from a slide or reading from a hand out. They didn't really understand the topic they were training and it left staff feeling unsupported and frustrated that time had been taken for what had become a 'tick box exercise'.

 Anyone who works in the care sector needs to be trained and feel supported and empowered to deliver good care, but the variation in the quality, effectiveness, flexibility and financial sustainability of training in the industry is huge.

Why Choose East Midlands Care Training?

First and foremost, we are approachable and effective, we're good at what we do. We don't aim to be the cheapest but we do strive to be the best. We train for a living and have comprehensive knowledge about the courses we teach. We are able to put legislation and theoretical knowledge into context and give your staff examples which they can relate to. We use a variety of teaching methods which include practical elements and visual aids. Because our training is face to face, we are able to adjust the pitch and pace of a session to support the needs of the staff attending, we can tailor training to your service and care setting and our sessions are engaging and interactive to aid knowledge retention.